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About A-1 Piano


A-1 Piano, also formerly known as J & J Piano Movers, has been a fixture in the community since it was founded by Jim Flobert in 1958. Starting out as a small piano moving company, Jim saw an opportunity to do something unique. There are all kinds of piano stores out there looking to sell you a piano, but Jim wanted to try something different. Starting with a handful of antique uprights that he’d acquired over the years, the newly wed Jim and his wife Marjorie decided to open a piano store where you could not only purchase a piano, but rent one. From that point on, the business grew and grew until finally they opened up shop in 1972 on the corner of 71st and Greenwood Ave N where it still stands today. A-1 Piano continues to grow and expand by building on our legacy of excellent customer service and by offering a broad range of piano related services. Visit our services page to see what A-1 Piano can do for you!

A-1 Piano Today:

A-1 Piano strives to match the generous support shown to us by our customers and the local community with event sponsorships, fundraising and more. Since 2011 we’ve been a proud sponsor and participant of the Greenwood SeaFair Parade. We also take part in a variety of neighborhood events such as:

  • Summer Streets
  • Pride Rainbow Hop
  • Bingo Karaoke at the Greenwood Senior Center
  • Hunger Goblin Trick or Treat
Our store also helps support local artists by hosting an art walk on the second Friday of each month as part of the larger Greenwood Art Walk. If you are interested in being a featured artist, simply call or email us.

Meet the Family Behind the Business:

Bret Mulholland – General Manager

Bret Mulholland started with the company at a young age. While in foster care with Jim and Marjorie back in high school, he started doing bookkeeping and moving pianos. Years later, he came back to work with the company and by 1987 had taken over the role of general manager. After more than 15 years of working with the company, Bret took over the day-to-day running of the business for Marjorie in 2011. This is what he has to say about his work:

“The piano industry is an exciting one. Pianos are truly unique in this world in that each one is different and choosing a piano is an extremely personal experience. I really love being part of that process in the interactions with our customers. Helping people to find the piano that is right for them and their family is something I can look forward to every day.”

Alyssa Mulholland – Sales & Marketing Coordinator

A-1 Piano is a familiar place to Alyssa. As a kid, she would hold impromptu games of hide and seek with her brother or help Hak Bo in his shop while she waited for her father to finish work. After graduating from the UW, she decided to come help her Dad out with the family business. She enjoys playing the piano and is thrilled that she can routinely incorporate it into her work. She has this to say about her experience with customers:

“All kinds of people come in and out of the store and it’s my job to help them find the piano they want. Sometimes it’s little kids that have just started taking lessons and I can see that same eagerness in their eyes that I had at that age. They watch me play with rapt attention. Others inspire me to awe as I watch them try out a dozen pianos in a flurry of sound. I smile when they tell me they haven’t had a piano in years and they missed having one in the house. In the end, I love the feeling I get when they walk out the door and can’t wait for the piano to follow them.”

Hak Bo Lee – Senior Piano Technician

Hak Bo has been with the company since the 1970’s, but his experience with pianos goes beyond that. His father owned a piano store in Korea. As a child, Hak Bo would find piano hammers, keys and other parts lying about. These mechanisms captured his attention and fascination; they were like toys to him. It’s no surprise that as an adult he felt the same draw, leading him to pursue a career as a piano technician. Many of the pianos in our showroom would be a shadow of what they are if they had not passed through his capable hands. There are many technicians, but not many like Hak Bo.

“30 years ago, while moving a Steinway for a customer, the movers bring it down 20 or 30 stairs. Then something happened and it broke down. All of a sudden lots of keys chipped, music desk broken, case is cracked. All together 80 pieces, maybe 60. We move here. I fix it like new. It’s like surgery. I drill holes, piece it together so someone can use it again. That’s what I like best.”