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Walter Piano Transport: 574-674-6139 For moving pianos outside of Washington State.
Ness Crane Service: 888-784-1054 For difficult moves that require a crane.
Pacific Piano Supply: 818-700-2100 Based out of California, they sell a variety of products from spare parts to adjustable benches.
Capitol Music/Ted Brown: 206-622-0171 Good source for sheet music and piano lamps.
Kennelly Keys: 206-440-8299 (Northgate location) Sell digital pianos and sheet music.

Trading Musician: 206-522-6707 Sell digital pianos and repair them.
McIntyre Organ & Keyboard Repair: 206-364-3615 Repairs for organs and digital pianos.
Vintage Pianos: 425-462-1101 Specializes in refurbishing old pianos; may take antique uprights depending on quality.
Hansen Bros.: 206-365-4454 Move household goods only.
Eco-Movers: 206-971-6895 Move household goods only.
Adam’s Moving: 206-251-1725 Move household goods only.