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We sell and rent both new and used pianos for every budget and level of player

New Pianos:

- Baldwin: A-1 Piano is the exclusive Baldwin dealer for the Puget Sound area. Baldwin is a well-known brand with a well-established history of producing quality pianos. Historically, Baldwins are commonly found in schools and churches because of their durability. Pianos come in high gloss or satin, in a variety of colors. Slow fall key and cabinet covers are available. Click here to see more of what Baldwin has to offer.
- Hallet & Davis: A middle tier brand that has been around since 1835. Currently manufactured in the Baldwin factories. High gloss finishes are available in a variety of colors with the option of two-tone instruments. Slow fall key covers available.
- Hardman: A middle tier brand with medium action and a bright sound. High gloss finishes in a variety of colors available. Slow fall key covers available.
- George Steck: A higher middle tier brand provides excellent craftsmanship at an affordable price. The Stecks have a full aggraffe, a metal piece near the tuning pins through which individual strings are threaded. The result is greater tuning stability, and a much cleaner and crisper sound. George Steck pianos come in a variety of colors with high gloss finishes. Slow fall key covers are available.
- Schumann: A higher middle tier brand with a solid tone and smooth action. Available in high gloss finishes in a variety of colors. Slow fall key covers available.

Used Pianos:

Our inventory of used pianos can shift on a daily basis, but here is a list of brands we typically carry:

  • Chickering: Top American brand; warm tone; solid bass; excellent craftsmanship.
  • Mason & Hamlin: Top American brand, darker tone, rich sound.
  • Yamaha: Very popular Japanese brand, high resale value, clear, bright sound.
  • Baldwin: Top American Brand; a warm, rich sound; more overlap and layering in the sound while playing.
  • Kawai: Popular Japanese brand; smooth action; clear, mellow tone.
  • Samick: Korean brand; heavier action; bright, solid sound.
  • Young Chang: Korean brand; bright, crisp sound.
  • Wurlitzer: American brand; make excellent spinets; sound varies.
  • Acrosonic: Subsidiary of Baldwin; make excellent spinets; rich tone.
  • Kimball: Middle tier brand; medium action; good for beginners.
  • Cable: Sound and touch vary greatly.
  • Gulbransen: Light action; mellow sound.
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