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What is a self-playing

A self-playing piano is a standard acoustic piano that plays, perfectly, by itself. Controlled by an app on your smart device, you simply choose your song, hit play, and sit back and enjoy as the piano comes alive! The keys perfectly recreate every nuance of the original artist, with a concealed sound system providing the full live music experience as your piano plays along with the singer and accompanying band. PNOmation 3 from QRS has a music list of over 14,000 songs and is adding new releases regularly. For piano lovers, singers, or musicians who would like to rehearse with a piano accompaniment, PNOmattion 3 will amaze you and your guests for a lifetime of music enjoyment.

I Already Have a Piano, Can I Make It Self-Play?

Yes! The PNOmation III System can be installed into most grand and baby grand pianos as well as many upright pianos. Installation is meticulously completed in A-1 Piano's Bellevue facility and usually takes one week. a piano you already own. 

But what if I don’t play the piano?

Did you know that only 6% of Americans play the piano and far fewer play it well?   A-1 Piano can deliver the joy of live, superb piano music in your home even if you have never played a single note.  A Baldwin is not a digital keyboard! This is a top-quality acoustic piano that can play itself…. like magic. Consider sitting comfortably in your home, favorite beverage in hand, while you listen to the music you love played perfectly, live, on your own beautiful grand piano.  If this thought makes you smile, please call or visit the A-1 Piano Showroom.  

The Baldwin Grand Piano comes in sizes between 4’ 10” and 6’ 10”.  For a limited time, A-1 Piano will deliver your Baldwin complete with your own electronic piano player at no additional charge.  These systems have been perfected over the years and now reproduce piano music so well….it is impossible to differentiate a human player from an electronic one.  With thousands of songs to choose from…your new Baldwin will entertain and amaze your family and friends for a lifetime.

We are new in Bellevue but we have served the Seattle area for over 40 years.  As a full-service piano dealer, we can help to find the correct new or used piano based on your needs and budget.  We also rent many of our pianos and have a climate-controlled storage facility.  

If you need to move your piano Trust A-1 to get the job done.  We have been moving pianos throughout western Washington since the 1970’s!   

We are proud to be the Seattle Area’s sole Baldwin Dealer.  Manufacturing pianos since 1862, there are more Baldwin pianos in American homes than any other brand earning Baldwin the title “America’s Favorite Piano.”   Come visit our new showroom and play many fine instruments. You will be pleased that you did. 

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What Are the Benefits of
a Self-Playing Piano?

The self-playing piano offers serious benefits to music lovers for students It allows practice on an actual acoustic piano, which helps develop proper control touch that can be completely silent with a lever's switch. Recording your review by the teacher is a simple one-button push for those who do not play. PNOmation III delivers lifetime high-quality music enjoyment; this system will amaze, mesmerize as it performs all genre professionalism finest pianist vocalist or violinist personal accompanist always ready to support you in the key at your tempo.